Join Us

The TERN family consists of individuals who share a spirit and devotion for nature and conservation. The organization offers a challenging environment for those who wish to gain experience in building their careers while contributing to conservation.

Whether you are working in our office, attending or organizing a conference, sharing your knowledge with a community in need, working in a rain forest or flying a drone, you will be contributing to the organization’s effort to make a difference.

Join us and be a part of the TERN family. Genuine interest, motivation, commitment, ability to think logically, team spirit and a focused mind are all that is required to join us.

If you are an International Student or a Scientist

If you are a foreign student or a scientist seeking a local host to assist collaborative environmental research in Sri Lanka or to conduct scientific exploration, send us a letter of interest. We will work with you or liaise with the relevant experts to facilitate your research.

If You are a Local Student

If you are a local student interested in joining our projects to gain experience as a volunteer, or seeking a part time job as a field assistant, let us know, we may have an opening for you.

If You are a Local Scientist

If you are a local scientist wanting to initiate a joint research in a related discipline, talk to us.We may have common interests that might lead to effective collaboration.

If you need assistance or training

If you need assistance in organizing environment based educational and awareness programs / workshops for professionals, students and communities, our experienced team will function as the local counterpart and assist you through the process.

If you are a Grant Maker

If you are a grant maker, seeking a team for capacity building and knowledge management of grantees, we can facilitate the completion of your funded projects.

If you are willing to Assist Research or Conservation Activities

If you are willing to assist research/ conservation measures in Sri Lanka or enhance the quality of life of the local communities by providing funds and resources, or initiate a long term project in Sri Lanka, we can function as a transparent and a reliable local counterpart from the design to the implementation of your project.

Help Us

We participate in conservation and protection of the environment based on a strong foundation of scientific knowledge. TERN is a non-profit organization that operates on competitive grants and donations. Your contribution to support our research and biodiversity conservation activities can go a long way.

Most importantly, your donations / resources allow us to support and fulfill some essential needs of the local communities that live alongside wilderness areas.

Your help will enable us to successfully achieve the goals of the organization, and share the experience with the local and the international communities.